Rate a Bait: Chaotic Baits Jig

We recently received a package in the mail from the guys over at Chaotic Baits; this little package included possibly the coolest jig we have seen. Most jigs you see on the rack have a plain mold that isn’t overly sexy, but the Chaotic Baits crew has put out a jig that is both good lookin’ and functional.

Most jig manufacturers’ stick with the plain jig head mold, while this is cost effective for them to do the drawback of that is it isn’t very appealing. As previously mentioned in a prior review of the Chaotic Baits spinnerbaits the molds used are simply awesome, not to mention the uber-cool color matching. We are all used to picking up a skirted bait that just has skirt strands in random areas that just look rather, for a lack of a better word, funky. When you first open the packaging of these jigs however you notice the color matched skirt and head, along with the high quality brush guard.

The first impression surely does match how this jig performs underwater, I mean just look at how the skirt just puffs up and even has enough buoyancy in the skirt to pull the hookupright. This is an important element for any jig, it allows the hook to be where an angler can easily set the hook which in turn allows the angler to land the fish. Just look at the way the skirt expands when it sits in the water.

When we had it flying around our test tank we noticed that the skirt had a gorgeous look when the jig was falling, this is the time when a high percentage of strikes occur. The skirt expanding like it does will only amplify the havoc that this jig will cause underwater. On the note of causing havoc, the hook used with this jig is sharp, I mean really sharp and comes with a wicked barb that will ensure nothing gets away.

Overall if we had to fish a jig, this would be it and it proves that everything is better when wet. It’s beautiful and functional, really, what more do you want out of a jig?

If you want to check out these awesome jigs hit up Chaotic Baits by clicking the image below.

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