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A couple days ago we received some very interesting baits in the mail from the guys over at Chaotic baits. It’s not too often I stray from my standard spinnerbait, the Terminator Super Stainless but I think we may have an exception.

The Terminator T1 and S1 series has been the industry standard for many years, but I think that will be changing real soon. The innovations put out by Chaotic Baits will revolutionize the way we as anglers see spinnerbaits. Every standard spinnerbait put out has had the standard hook, the normal round bend ending with a barb and a point, but the guys over at Chaotic Baits went ahead and dashed everything we know about this bait style.

Innovations? Let’s have two please

The standard spinnerbait has a U-bend but these new baits put a little, kink in that normality. Twice. I could explain the hooks to you but why would I do that when I could show you?

Chaotic Baits – Ultra Minnow

This hook has me excited. It’s not often that we get excited about spinnerbaits, because well, there hasn’t been real innovation in a long time. The look of this hook alone makes me imaging a bass getting stuck in the kinks instead of sliding around the standard U-bend hook. But wait, they have come up with something that is totally different, what is it you ask, well let me show you.

Chaotic Baits – Fluid Series

This, this is where things get interesting. As soon as I heard the word treble hook I got as giddy as a 5 year old girl getting her first pony, that my friends, is rare. While it looks to me like this spinnerbait will not be as weedless as the others I still would throw this up in the grass, as I do with my lipless crankbaits. In order to compare these hooks we shot some footage using a simple test that you can do at home, just don’t let your wife catch you taking her hangers.

A Test You Say?

Chaotic Baits – Ultra Minnow

Chaotic Baits – Fluid Series

Terminator – Super Stainless

These tests show how the hook would most likely behave when in a fish’s mouth. As you can see from the Ultra Minnow it still slides but is a lot more chunky in the slide, which means when pressure it put on the hook the friction will likely cause the fish to not slide off like it may with the Terminator hook. The real beauty in this test was the Fluid Series, it was named right. The hanger stayed solid with pretty much a full rotation of the bait.

A Look At The Details

The details are where the Chaotic Baits really shine. From the skirt to the blades these scream quality. The swivels found on these are of the same quality that would you get on a $15 spinnerbait. Then you have the paint on the heads, the paint is immaculate in every sense of the word. These baits also offer a nice thick, full skirt. It is commonly said that you can thin and trim a skirt, but you cannot fill a skirt. Along with that point I have to point out the attention to detail when choosing colors, matching the head to the skirt colors allows the bait to visually flow more effectively. Another point worth noting is the ease of hook sharpening, as many tournament anglers are known to do. Out of the box the hooks do not require it but after extended use as with any good bait you are going to need to sharpen the hook eventually and these hooks take to sharpening quickly and easily, always a plus.

(Left) Terminator – Super Stainless          (Right) Chaotic Baits – Ultra Minnow

Terminator – Super Stainless

Chaotic Baits – Ultra Minnow

The Point

The point is this, the spinnerbait paired with a Motzuo Sickle makes these spinnerbaits lethal, especially when you get to pair it with whatever you want for a small price of $10.50. Personally though, I would shoot for the $8 it costs for the Fluid Series and drop the other spinnerbaits. For the price of these baits I would say that the quality is only matched by the Lucky Craft Redemption line, but even at that, in my mind I see these as being of higher value for what you get. Overall you are most likely going to need both of these spinnerbaits, the Motzuo Sickle will run in places the treble hook won’t and will help you bring in more fish.

Whenever you get a chance you could be like myself and spend a few hours designing you own custom spinnerbaits with ever option you could want, check out the Chaotic Bait website by clicking the image below.

Please keep in mind this is just a “dry-run.” From the looks of these though, we should have a lot of hooking percentage data for you once spring hits.

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  1. Excellent write up! Very detailed in every aspect. Can’t wait for the actual “wet” test! I love the quality of components used and I as well used the Matzuo hooks and their awesome! The paintjob is beautifully done as well!

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