Rapala Hardbaits and Knives Rank Number One

For the seventh year in a row, Rapala is No. 1 – in two categories.

Rapala hard baits and fishing knives were again determined to be America’s favorites in Southwick Associates’ AnglerSurvey.com survey.

2095249The influential Southwick survey determines the brands and products that anglers purchased most frequently in 2012. The data were compiled from 15,819 internet-based surveys completed by anglers who volunteered to participate in polls. The year-long research is scientifically designed and weighted to reflect all U.S. anglers.

A majority of anglers – 23.5% – chose Rapala hard baits over all over competitors. Rapala fishing knives comprised a category-leading 28.2% of all purchases

Pros’ favorite hard baits
The survey results confirmed what the biggest names in fishing already know. From Al and James Lindner, to Rick Murphy and George Poveromo, to Bassmaster Elite Series anglers Michael Iaconelli, Brandon Palankiuk, Ott DeFoe, Bernie Schultz and Davy Hite, the top pros trust Rapala lures.

From core staples like Floaters, Skitter Walks, DT’s and Shad Raps, to the new evasive Scatter Rap, there’s a Rapala lure for every fishing situation and condition.

“I’ve been a big fan of Rapala products for many, many years,” says Iaconelli, a Bassmaster Classic champion and Bassmaster Angler of the Year. “I’ve been fishing the DT crankbaits, especially, for years.”

Among Iaconelli’s favorite Rapala hard baits are the Shad Rap, Husky Jerk, BX Swimmer, BX Minnow and DT baits in the Ike’s Custom Ink colors he designed.

“If you want to get more bites on heavily pressured water, try the DT in Ike’s Custom Ink colors,” Ike says. “I guarantee you’re going to get more bites.”

In Rapala’s DT series of baits, the letters stand for “dives to,” the number the depth to which the baits will dive (when paired with the correct line, rod and reel).

Palaniuk, who fished Rapala hard baits en route to a runner-up finish in this year’s Bassmaster Classic, says he’s got two favorite ways to catch fish in the spring. Both tactics rely on Rapala hard baits.

“If you’ve got rock and wood, I go with the Rapala DT-4,” he says. “If you’ve got a lot of grass and big flats, then I’ll go with a Rippin Rap.”

The DT-4 has been Palaniuk’s “number one bait” since he was nine or ten years old, he says.

DeFoe, Palaniuk and Iaconelli are all excited to catch fish on the new Scatter Raps this season.

“They’re going to change people’s mindsets on what you can do with a bait,” Defoe says.

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No. 1 in Knives
From the birch-handled classics to innovating new electric models, Rapala knives make short work of turning fish to fillets. And that’s why Rapala knives are used in more fish camps, on more charter boats and at more shore lunches than any other knife in the world.

“From the balance of its blade to the way it becomes an extension of your hand, a great knife is more than the sum of its parts,” says Rapala Pro-Staffer Tom Neustrom, a Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame angler. “And you can feel it immediately with a Rapala knife in hand, be it a classic or new powered model.”

Rapala’s electric knives come with cords, traditional battery packs or new Lithium Ion battery packs. Both deliver the quality Rapala is famous for, Neustrom says.

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