Rapala BX Minnow Named Top Lure by Field & Stream

With its combination of classic construction and modern materials, Rapala’s new BX Minnow impressed editors at Field & Stream magazine, who named it 2013 Best of the Best new lure.

Rapala BX Minnow“Rapala perfectly combines new-school technology with old-school bread-and-butter,” Field & Stream wrote. “The BX Minnow is made from balsa plus the same tough, flashy plastic shell found on some of Rapala’s other recent releases.”

Field & Stream judged more than 100 Best of the Best entries, winnowing down to 15 winners in separate categories.

“Our experts took the tackle on the water and fished with it – hard, in all kinds of conditions,” Field & Stream explained. “What survived the rigors of testing in experienced hands is… the Best of the Best.”

A BX Minnow in the water “has a noticeably different action than similar hollow-body baits,” Field & Stream wrote. “At a super-slow crank, the BX rolls gently from side to side. Pause the lure and it exhibits a subtle wobble as it rises, thanks to the extreme buoyancy of the wood.

“But it can play rough, too; rip the BX as you would a modern jerkbait, and it darts wildly, digs well, and floats up quickly like a wounded baitfish.”

Field & Stream tested a 4-inch BX Minnow in both moving and still water.

“I predict this lure will become as much of a -favorite all-around fish catcher as its predecessor,” editor Joe Cermele opined. “And unlike other balsa lures in your arsenal, it’ll stand up to any rock or dock it bumps or hits.”

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