Rapala Announces Angry Birds Lures


Rapala VMC Corporation and Rovio Entertainment Ltd have launched a cooperation to introduce outdoor activities to the digital natives` generation. The licensing agreement between two strong brands builds on values that both companies respect: Active lifestyle, love for outdoors and quality time spent with the family.

Rapala Angry Birds product line joins two strong brands in one big outdoor hit: Rapala`s dominating position in sports fishing industry and Rovio`s position in the entertainment business have helped the companies to create attractive products that make fishing easily accessible to families and beginners. People who are new to the art of fishing will find digital content and instructions that support them in embracing the great outdoor hobbies.

keyringsRapala and Rovio see big potential in the cooperation and opt for countries where recreational fishing is an important hobby. The product line will first be launched in Finland, Denmark, Norway, the Baltic countries and China during spring 2013. Eventually Rapala strives to launch the Angry Birds product line globally. The product line includes lures, lure key rings, fishing combos, pole fishing rods, float sets, lure boxes and fishing tackle bags.

  • Promoting fishing as a hobby to children and youngsters becomes a lot easier when we can work with characters that are so widely recognized. Rapala Angry Birds will encourage many people to take up fishing as a hobby when we present this together in a few weeks, says Information Manager Ms. Jaana Vetikko of Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing. 

Rapala organizes an Angry Birds themed fishing event in cooperation with Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing and several Finnish Angry Birds licensees. Rapala Angry Birds Fishing Day promotes recreational fishing for families and children and will take place in Särkänniemi Adventure Park on May 19th, 2013.

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