Ram Crankbaits Review

As of late there is a trend towards the use of ultra-premium hard baits used by serious tournament anglers. Up until a couple of years ago I was of the belief that paying the extra for premium hard bait was not the best use of my money. With a tackle collection that was growing out of control I stared to realize I have a lot of lures that are rarely if ever used. That got me thinking maybe bargain baits may not be the best use of my money either.

OzarkCrawSeveral of the lures in my box didn’t get the play time because they simply didn’t run properly and were obviously just a waste of money and precious space in my already crowded tackle box. So that’s when I started to look at quality instead of quantity and what a difference a few dollars makes. With the success I was having with premium baits the next logical step was of course ultra-premium. Enter Ram Crankbaits.

The first thing you are likely to notice with any lure is the finish and as with most but not all premium baits the finish of the Ram Crankbaits is exceptional. The Ram Custom Bait has the most durable “pretty” paint job I have ever used. We have caught hundreds of bass and many northern pike without any damage to the finish. The finish is just a beginning to what makes these baits premium.

The rigging of the Ram Custom Bait is engineering perfection being simple and 100 percent effective. The laser cut stainless steel nose to tail design is never going to let you down with a fish of a lifetime is on the line. Hooking a fish of a lifetime will be made easy by the huge sticky hooks that are as good as any aftermarket ones.

What makes the system all work is the fact that the Ram is not your typical hollow plastic lure, it is made of a solid foam hand finished by our friends at Ram Custom Baits. Every single one I have seen is a work of art. All of this fancy stuff doesn’t matter a bit if they don’t run right, right? Well this bait is super smooth and consistent with just the right amount of control so you will know when you get a strike.

In Southwest Michigan over this last tournament season the anglers that could get their hands on the Ram Baits did very well and came back for more. The Ram has earned a place on the top shelf of my tackle box and I have trusted it many times during tournaments and will in the future. The secret is out!!

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  1. Gentleman,
    I have been unable to placate a source for purchasing some Ram crankbaits. After reading your column on the arm crankbaits, I was wondering if you could supply the name ( website/ email ) that I could purchase some Ram crankbaits.

    Thanks for your consideration in this matter
    John McGough

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