Quaker Boy Stuffing Your Turkey Vest

Our Cousin Mike out in the field

30 years ago hunting in Michigan I never saw any turkeys while hunting. Boy has this changed, it seems every time I hit the woods or even am driving down the road there are turkeys and turkey hunters everywhere. I however have been kind of intimidated by the sport. After a ton of research through videos, the internet, and stories from friends I am ready to give it a try.

Digging deeper in the Quaker Boy box we found the Thunderbird gobble call. With a name like Thunderbird you expect a loud and authentic sound, you would be right. Though I have not had the chance to hunt with this call yet it has been very effective at calling everybody in the office and even a few neighbors. Once you hear this call you just have to see it and then try it. Very realistic non-mechanical sound to this one. This will be the first thing I throw at them next month when I hit the woods.

We tried 3 different mouth calls from the Quaker Boy line. Now I have to admit, I have not had any luck using mouth calls before so I went right for the instructional CD and listened, this helped speed up the learning curve immensely. Almost immediately I was making recognizable turkey sounds in a controlled and relaxed manner. Of the three calls we tried from Quaker Boy we found them comfortable and easy to use, so comfortable in fact that my wife had to keep reminding me that she had heard enough.

Now let us talk about concealment, being an avid bow hunter I have used most of the face masks on the market, but the Quaker Boy Bandit and Bandito really impressed me. These masks are thin enough to be breathable, not fogging up glasses if you wear them and still giving plenty of cover. My favorite feature of these masks has got to be the wire; light, flexible and strong, simply put this is the right tool for the job. In a forest of good masks on the market these are some of the most comfortable. This is important because nobody likes to get caught with their mask down.

The time has come to talk about one of my favorite Quaker Boy products the Outline Buster. This is the most convenient, easy to use, and carry personal blind or cover we have ever used. Made for turkey hunting it will get a lot of use this turkey season, but it won’t end there. Many species will see me or should I say not see me in this camo in hunts to come. 10 to 20 seconds from packed to full cover or back to packed makes this a must have for a hunter on the move. This is real 3D material with cutouts giving it real depth which makes it very effective at breaking up your outline. With no shedding or tangles somebody did their homework on this one. Don’t take any chances when a trophy of a lifetime is on the line, get one for you, your camera man, and your caller.

Quaker Boy’s portfolio is a laundry list of innovative firsts well thought out and offered at a price anyone can afford. All the turkey gear we tested we found to be effective and easy to use. Quaker Boy knows what they are doing, I can’t wait to try their other products for deer and waterfowl. Quaker Boy being still made in America after 40 years means a lot to some of us. Watch for more posts on are successes with these products they should be many.


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