Quaker Boy Meat Hook Grunt Call

Quaker Boy has been “A Hunter’s First Choice” for quite some time now and for good reason. With the effectiveness of their whole line of calls who could blame them if they took this time to just sit back and enjoy their success, but that is just not how they operate at Quaker Boy. They are always looking for the next thing that will help you be a more successful hunter. The new Deer Thugs line brings yet another group of innovative products to their legendary product lineup.

There are three new calls in the line though for now I will just focus on the Meat Hook Grunt call. There are many reasons that the Meat Hook grunt call will soon be that favorite confidence call that you don’t want to be without. It seems as though every feature in this call is innovative and yet well proven, making it a well-balanced option.

The first thing you will notice when you look at the Meat Hook is oddly enough is the big hook hanging of the front of the call. The hook works way better than any corded materials, it won’t twist or tangle and gives you more options on where you can hang it because of the big opening in one side most any small to medium sized limb will work very well.
The light weight of the call along with the wide flat mouthpiece makes for easy hands free operation, though you might want to use both hands when you hear what this call does if you work it. This call has a wide range from loud to soft and deep to much deeper. The all-weather freeze proof reed is one of those things that give you the confidence that it will sound the same in any condition.

The collaboration for this call is impressive with Mossy Oak teaming up with Quaker Boy and a star studded lineup of some of the most successful deer hunters in the world. If you get the chance check out these new calls and the videos of the Deer Thugs at work they are both entertaining and informative.

Get yours for just $22.99 by clicking the link below!

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