Quaker Boy Brings Year Round Joy

When we have some success out in the field most of the time we want to preserve the memory of the hunt and your trophy in a way that shows respect. Quaker Boy offers an antler mounting kit that will surely show your respect for your trophy. One of the things I like about this kit is the plaque is somewhat smaller than some others out there, this works great for me since some of my antlers are not all that big. The smaller the plaque the bigger the antlers look!!! Not to mention it seriously keeps the wall from looking so cluttered. The shield shape is a classic so it should go well with other mounting kits you may already have. The mounting I did took me about 35 min and went steady with no snags. Not all of the mounting kits I’ve tried in the past worked out this well, that’s what makes this my favorite. If you’ve ever tried to mount your own antlers before then you know that the cover is the most important piece of the puzzle, as I sit here looking at a dozen other mounts the Quaker Boy cover does fit the best. So the next time you want to save a memory and save some money this would be a very good choice as the price is right on this one.

While we are on the subject of mounting kits let’s talk about what to do after a turkey hunt goes right and you have to figure out how to display your bird. With Quaker Boy being synonymous with turkey hunting you can bet they have ya covered here. They pulled out all the stops on this one this is the kind of kit that will rival most professional jobs and is very easy to do. The laser etched big boss gobbler on the shaped and routered oak face plaque is simply stunning. The details of the laser etching make this pretty enough to stand on its own as art so when you add your tail and beard it is sure to look fan-tastic. The tail fan literally slips in place in seconds. The placement of the beard isn’t much harder just put the beard in the shot shell you used to get the bird with or find any empty 12 gauge shell to drop right in the pre-drilled hole. One minute to assemble and your mounted memory is ready for the wall.

Once your trophies are on the wall Quaker Boy has another product that will remind you to look up at them every hour. At least that’s what I do every time I hear the hourly chimes of animal sounds from the Quaker Boy Sounds of the Wild clock. Twelve different animals to remind you what time it is, or just to remind you to make some time to get out and take someone hunting. I tend to smile every time the clock marks the hour.

Between the Sounds of the Wild clock and a few Quaker Boy mounting kits the decorating of a den or man cave is well on its way. Just put up a couple of fish mounts and some animal pelts and that’s a decorating style that never goes out of style. Do you think Mossy Oak curtains would be over the top? Might as well then they will match the chairs. So bring some more of the outdoors indoors with these classic Quaker Boy products.

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