PSE NOVA: A Shining Star Hits The Water

The time has come for Bad Poncho Outdoors to make our first attempt at bowfishing. We wanted to make sure we had the right equipment so naturally we headed straight to the PSE website to see what they had to offer. We understand that most any bow can be outfitted to be a bowfishing weapon but to maximize our enjoyment and success we chose the Nova bowfishing package. This proved to be a prudent choice as this kit came with everything we would need to get started. Not only did it come with a reel, line, and arrows but the bow has a killer water drop finish that will look great on the wall or water. The bow is adjustable to many draw weights, lengths and let offs. Though they send in a configuration that is perfect for bowfishing, we soon found it was good for many other things.

The Nova bowfishing bow is a smooth, practical, purpose built bow that can easily be picked up by practically anyone.

The smooth draw with little let off allows for the quick draw and fast shots that will give more success when bowfishing. You can even launch a well placed shot without coming to full draw similar to a recurve or longbow. The AMS bowfishing reel is simply the best system we have seen for ease of use and safety. Many people chose to shoot with no release or sight but that is completely up to the shooters preference. We decide to use a metal loop with a release and no sight this seemed to work fine for us though fingers would be a little faster. You can probably use any sight you want or none at all but the best sight we have seen for bowfishing might be a laser sight, which is offered by PSE, because the light will refract in the water so you don’t have to guess how far under the fish to shoot.

Our experience with the PSE Nova bowfishing package was very pleasurable it only took a couple of shot to be comfortable with the weapon and have the confidence to hit the water. The best thing we found about bowfishing is that it’s not like other bowhunting in the fact that it’s not a one shot season. The number of shots you are likely to get in one day or night of fishing can be in the dozens. This is where a smooth, comfortable bow such as the Nova really pays off. I’m very glad we decided to try bowfishing and especially that we chose the Nova to be our first weapon for this purpose.

Now let’s talk about the other things we found the Nova is good for. In the fishing configuration we noticed how you could get off fast shots and thought this would be fun to shoot at other moving targets. It didn’t take long till the Nova became our bow of choice for shooting thrown discs to practice for birds. We are going to get a lot of use out of this bow for many seasons. When we put a prong rest and a sight on the nova it showed why it has been such a good selling bow for so long as a hunting bow. At about 300 fps with light arrows we will probably be sending our pretty blue bow up in a treestand for deer a time or two this year also.

We bought the Nova for a bowfishing bow but we found we got much more this bow is fun and easy to shoot at all targets still and moving. One more thing I need to say about the Nova we got is thanks to Pete Shepley and Blake Shelby for the signatures on our bow, we did plan on displaying the bow at our office but it seems to keep finding a way off the wall and into the field almost every time was go out. We have shot a lot of arrows through this bow and it is holding up very well it still performs and looks like new. Alright that’s all I can take it’s time to go shooting we will see ya out there.

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