Prostaff Packet

Welcome to the Bad Poncho Outdoors Prostaff, I would like to say thank you for joining our family and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Bad Poncho Outdoors is an ever-growing media outlet that brings anglers information they can use both in the store and on the water. With our product reviews, tips and how-tows we hope to help you hone your skills as an angler or salesman for the companies you represent in the outdoor industry.

Depending on your level of sponsorship with us we will be more than happy to help you along be it via our connections or tips on how to impress your current and/or future sponsors. As you know keeping sponsors happy is essential to having a long and happy career in this industry, and in order to keep us happy all we need from you is pictures, video and/or articles! That really is it! Everything you do through us helps you in your angling future because it offers more media exposure for everybody involved.

Below you will find various formats of our logos, the PDF is meant to go to your jersey/decal provider, the PNG is meant for just about anything else!

Logo Formats:

PDF Logo

PNG Logo

I also ask that you “like” and share our page often. The page URL is available at or by clicking the image below.

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