Project Poncho: 1990 Gemini Boat Restoration – Day Three

Day three of the Project Poncho build was a day of hard labor, though you may not see it we have spent many hours scraping the aluminum lids until they became spotless, the fiberglass proved to be a different beast entirely.

When I first began scraping on the fiberglass flooring it came off extremely easily after being exposed to the open air. While the large majority of the rear deck, lids included, were incredible easy to remove the glue there was a couple of curve balls when it came to the fiberglass. It seemed as though the glue had bonded with the glass resulting in me having to sand off the excess until it became even with the fiberglass.

Tools used:

14-in-1 tool – $6

Acetone (Not needed for a majority of it but may come in handy) – $7

100grit sandpaper (Never hurts to have extra sandpaper) – $10


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Day Three

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