Project Poncho: 1990 Gemini Boat Restoration – Day Four

Day four was spent scraping the front deck, this was best done by scraping it dry with the 14-in-1 tool then following it with the acetone. The acetone works for you in two ways, it helps to soften to glue and it also cleans the fiberglass allowing you to see spots of glue that you may have missed. After I did a quick move around the deck with the scraper I then used a broom to get any of the fine debris out of the way so that I could better ensure I cleared off the loose glue fibers. The last step of the day was to use a paper towel that I put acetone on to make one final check for loose glue before calling it good for the day.


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

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  1. You guys sure do work fast!!
    All kidding aside, you guys sure have your work cut out for you. My arms, and wrist are sore from watching your video! The best part is that I have the same in store for my-self. I too am restoring A boat, but have not gotten to that stage yet. I had thought about posting my project, but i don’t know where to go, or if I have to be picked to do that.
    Good luck to you guys I will be watching the progress. Thanks.

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