Professional Bass Angler Mike DelVisco Fishing in Comfort With Swiftwick

PAA Tour pro, Mike DelVisco, will be fishing the 2013 season in comfort thanks to his relationship with Swiftwick. The Brentwood, Tennessee Company specializes in producing an incredible line of performance socks and arm sleeves that incorporate wicking and compression technology.

“I have been wearing Swiftwick socks for several years now and they are by far the most comfortable socks I have ever worn,” says DelVisco.

MDSwift1“When you think of it, we spend countless hours on the water under a variety of different weather conditions. Swiftwick’s unique wicking capability keep my feet warm when it’s cold out and cool when temperatures soar,” says the Pro Bass Angler. “Their compression technology really improves blood flow and circulation and provides me with comfort during long periods of time standing on the front deck of my boat running the trolling motor.”

“We are having a blast in the outdoor and bass fishing markets,” says Swiftwick Co-Founder and CEO Mark Cleveland. “This customer appreciates quality, they value products made in the USA, and deserve to be treated like the athletes that they are. That means compression socks for improved endurance.”

DelVisco, a veteran tournament competitor, fishing personality and long time Texas Roadhouse pro is excited to educate anglers and outdoor enthusiasts about Swiftwick. “I am honored to be part of a great company that manufactures 100% of their product in the USA. Swiftwick provides such an outstanding benefit to its consumers and I look forward to educating anglers on the benefits of Swiftwick products.”

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