Pro Staff Program

We would like to thank you for your time and consideration of Bad Poncho Outdoors. We are a quickly growing website that is dedicated to the outdoors and everything that has to do with it. While we specialize in fishing we also like to dabble into the world of hunting.

Bad Poncho Outdoors is all about bringing anglers and hunters the latest in information, technology, and tactics. Despite starting from scratch in the industry we have grown to be an internationally recognized website with the help of people like you. Speaking of people like you, in the 2013 season we will be looking to expand our reaches to bring our information to more people, and also our products.

Early in our career we began by starting with one shirt design and how slowly built the brand upon that design and our sales of other company’s products on our store.

If you feel that you are able to help us expand and possibly make money doing it there is no better time than right now to help us do our thing.


Bad Poncho Outdoors –

Prostaff Information
• Must be a responsible and knowledgeable angler/hunt
• Abide by all game laws
• Be an active advocate of the brand
• Must not have any game violations


A prostaff member is responsible for building the brand in his/her area whether it be promoting partner products, selling products, or simply spreading word. Please note that the “pro” in “prostaff” does not mean professional, it means promotional. The job of a prostaffer is to promote the brand and its partners; this can be done by attending tournaments, events, and/or using social media sites such as Facebook to spread word.
We do have ways of seeing the impact in your particular region or if clicks are generated from your Facebook activity. This is something we will be paying attention to and something that we will be rewarding you for if you excel in your work.

Gold: This is the highest tier of sponsorship, you receive products on the Bad Poncho store at a high percentage discount, you also receive inside information about what is going on in the industry and connections with outside companies will be made to help you make your way in the industry.

Standard BPO Discount: 25%
Silver: The middle tier, you receive products on the Bad Poncho store at a medium percentage discount, you also receive a packet of information which will teach you how to excel in the industry and make connections.
Standard BPO Discount: 20%
Bronze: This is where you will start, prostaffers in this tier start from scratch and will receive discounts on products.
Standard BPO Discount: 15%

Referral Program

Bad Poncho Outdoors has put into places a referral program, this allows our staffers the potential to earn in store credit at the Bad Poncho Tackle website..

• 5% In-Store Credit

How it Works

1. You refer a customer to the store
2. Once at the store the customer will make an account with you as the referral
3. Every time that customer buys from the store you will receive either 10% store credit or 5% cash back through your PayPal account.

If you opted for the in-store credit the 5% will be added to a coupon that only you will have the code to. Using the coupon code does mean that you will not be able to couple your staffer discount with the in-store credit, this is due to technical restrictions; I will be working to fix this in the future.