Power Fishing for Largemouth with the Faculty of Fishing

If you are like most anglers, which you more than likely are, then you spend your time off the water thinking about getting on the water. For me when I get to thinking about fishing and I get the bug I flip on the TV, but it seems like every show out there is all about “teaching” anglers but how much do YOU really learn from those shows. Or even magazines for that matter, do those $10 magazines really warrant the cost?

Our buddies over at Faculty of Fishing launched a system a year or two ago that has found a way to teach anglers in a manner that sticks. Their most recent addition to their list of courses is a Largemouth in Species Specific

course list that primarily focuses on power-fishing. The art of power-fishing may seem simplistic to some, but to others it is as intricate as a swiss watch.

To some people power fishing is simply casting and retrieving a spinnerbait, to others it is the act of getting that same spinnerbait to shimmy, shake, and dance its way to entice as many fish as possible. The course goes over how to use boat position, casts, retrieves, angles, then it gets to lures like spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and plastics together to quickly find and pattern largemouth.

The course is put together by Jason Blackmon who is a professional angler for the Army Bass Anglers. He is on the water for a large majority of the year and has a number of wins and top ten finishes to credit to his name.

When going through the hourish long course, that costs less than a magazine, you will learn things like where largemouth will hold during all 4 seasons and in the multitude of conditions. The courses give you peices of information that allow you to put them together to solve the puzzle that is fishing. With the course allowing you to put the puzzle together yourself it allows you to tailor the material in the course to your specific conditions or body of water.

Throughout the course I took 3 pages worth of notes, plus printed out an on the water guide from Faculty of Fishing, all of which helps me to have a reference sheet or “cheat sheet” to look at while out on the water. I highly advise you take the time to go through the course; it will make you a better and more proficient angler. Oh, remember how we said less than a magazine, its only $5!

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