Playing Football And Keeping The Line Tight!

During our time in Alabama we met up with pros, guides, and weekend anglers. While they all were out there for different reasons they all had one thing in common, they all had a Tight Line Jig tied on. This was very peculiar to us because up in Michigan people throw just about anything and the fish will hit it, we quickly learned that Guntersville is a little different.

Our time on Guntersville was filled with learning experiences, for example: we tried to do what works in Michigan, swim jigs and crankbaits while our guide, Mid-South Bass Guide, threw a Tight Line jig. We were quickly shown that there is a reason why; Tight Line teamed up with anglers on Guntersville to create the ideal Guntersville jig. This jig is invaluable when out on the lake, we threw a ton of lures but for some reason all they really wanted was these jigs, especially when paired with the Grande Bass craw trailer.

Our favorite thing about the Tight Line football jigs is that you can buy them in bulk, for the tournament this is very important because if you have a lure that is really hot and you lose it without the same exact one to replace it, that may cost you the tournament. If you would like to avoid that scenario then you can pick up 12 jigs for $36.00, which saves you a full $12 versus buying them per pack. Another nice thing about these jigs versus other jigs, they come in two packs, so if you are on a budget but you want to get matching jigs Tight Line has you covered.

When it comes to hardware they didn’t skimp either, they are molded around black nickel Mustad hooks. In our testing the Mustads had the easiest time popping through materials which means that it is easier to get that fish hooked and keep her until you get her in the boat. For guys like Mid-South Bass Guide this is of utmost importance, a large number of guides rely on these jigs because they have more than proven themselves out on the lake.

Get your Tight Line jig in some of the most popular bass fishing colors or the spectacular Guntersville Special for your day out on the bass fishing capital of the world!

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