Pine Lake: Lake Report 6-28-14

Pine Lake was the place to be this Saturday if you are a member of the Kal-Valley Bass Club with most teams bringing nice sacks of fish to the scales today. 40+ anglers showed up to fish the 6th tournament of the season for the legendary Kal-Valley Bass Club. Pine Lake is known for being able to catch bass on a wide variety of techniques and today really showed that with keeper fish being landed on everything from topwater lures to dropshot and everything in between.

10304626_786617421383389_6733389949992002556_nThe weed cover in Pine Lake this year is almost perfect for fishing with tons of tall grasses that are not to tangled or matted so you should have little trouble using your favorite technique. The only issue with Pine this year is the sheer volume of good looking stuff to fish might make it a challenge to decide where to drop your line. You can most likely expect decent action from the shallow pads and docks right out to the over 8 feet tall grass with whatever your favorite lure might be.

If you are fishing a tournament on Pine you will most likely need double digits to place and on a good day mid-teens. The lake is very constant with the number and size of fish it puts out week after week. Whether for tournament or fun fishing Pine Lake is worth the trip so give it a try for good to very good bass fishing on fair to good Pike fishing. Oh and let’s not forget Pine lake has great crappie and bluegill populations!

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