Pick ‘em Up: New or Used


When getting into the sport of bass fishing there are two major purchases to consider, a truck and a boat. I have been seeing a lot of sportsmen talking about whether it is better to buy new or used, well, there is no real definite answer since the answer is completely conditional.

A few years ago we picked up a 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT with the V10, we needed our truck to be big, beefy, and healthy, fuel mileage wasn’t a major concern since we only drive roughly 600 miles a month for 7 or so months out of the year, all of those with the boat attached. The V10 truck came with 130,000 miles which to some may look like a lot but like many other things if the vehicle was well taken care of it can last for another 100,000 miles or more. Our truck costed only $4,000 which is $29,000 cheaper than the average new 2012 model truck, for that savings though you will need to be willing to give up a few things, like service under warranty among other things.

I know most people prefer to drive a new truck, but at the average price of a new truck in my opinion it is only majorly worth it if you will be putting a lot of miles on the vehicle. For instance, for that new truck to pay for itself vs our used truck we would have to use that truck for 229 months or drive 137,400 miles. If you drive either a used or new truck for the 137,000 miles, either one will break down during one point or another, it is just a matter of will you be paying for it or will the dealership be paying for it. For some this may be a major deciding factor because if the motor blows on the old truck it means either $3,000 to replace it or buy another used truck.

Personally it would be very hard for me to get rid of my ’95 in favor of a new truck, we have put over 10,000 miles on it and have only had to shell out an extra $500 for repairs. If you are anything like us it won’t take you too long before you start throwing headers, turbos, and stickers on your rig, which is another advantage of owning a used truck, you can customize it and not feel bad about missing that $500 a month payment. On the flipside of that though, many of the new trucks have the factory options to do what we would like to do to ours. Look at the new Ram models like the Mossy Oak Edition Ram, it comes with all the Mossy Oak swag and a 5.7lb pushing out 390hp, that should be enough to get you where you need to go in a hurry.

So overall, it depends what your needs are, if you are only driving a around 500 miles a month in your truck I’d say go pick up a 5-10 year old truck but if you are driving 1,000 miles or more a new truck is more likely to be in your favor due to the increased stress on the truck and the pure cost of fuel.

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