Pflueger has a new head of the family, the Patriarch

Being a car guy when I hear words like “carbon” and “magnesium” I get revved up, but this isn’t the latest Corvette, though it is the ZR1 of reels. For those of you who aren’t car fanatics, that means that the Pflueger Patriarch is the top model of spinning reels in the Pflueger garage.

This reel is built with the most sophisticated materials on the market; it utilizes carbon, titanium, and magnesium to bring the angler the smoothest spinning reel on the market. As if that wasn’t enough, this spinning reel is setup with 10 of Pflueger’s XCR shielded stainless steel ball bearings. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! This reel also uses a carbon drag system that stops water and debris from getting in.

When you first gaze upon the Patriarch you will notice the beautiful metal flake blue paint job, the grippy EVA paddle,  the carbon spool, the beautiful solid aluminum bail wire that uses the Sure-Click system, and the titanium coated anti-twist bar. Once you are done salivating over the Patriarch and get it in your hands you will notice how superbly smooth it is, that translates into having a better feel in the entire setup and not having to worry about it stalling in the worst possible situation.

The thing that really shines about the Patriarch though is that it is the lightest spinning reel in its class. The reel is available in four models, as follows:

  • 9525 – 5.6oz – 24.5 inches per turn – 110yd of 4lb mono
  • 9530 – 6.3oz – 27 inches per turn -120yd of 6lb mono
  • 9535 – 7.4oz – 28.8 inches per turn – 140yd of 8lb mono
  • 9540 – 8.1oz – 32.7 inches per turn – 170yd of 10lb mono

Having choices like that just isn’t fair, for the competition at least. The model we got to check out is the 9530; we would say that this model is a perfect balance of power, weight, and line, especially for finesse work.

But hey, after you are done showing off to your buddies that you have the latest and greatest spinning reel on the market you don’t want to just throw it in the rod locker, like you wouldn’t want your brand new sports car exposed to the elements. Like the sports car though Pflueger includes a cover, a beautiful neoprene reel cover with leather accents. Combine all of that for only $200, yeah, you bet it will be money well spent.

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