One Man Makes A Difference

Back in the days of 19 footers and 150s ruling the waterways came a monster roaring through the crowd, a Billy Westmoreland special, a 1990 Gemini 200DCX. In its day this 20 footer was a behemoth among gods; sporting a 37300_119366288108509_100001054162258_121646_3566327_n1989 Johnson GT200 and a jack-plate the Gemini was the “Legend” of its day. Even today many of the boats you see on the water are propelled by Gemini patents.

The biggest asset this boat had however was the pilot, a spry young man in his mid-twenties and his partner roughly the same age. These two dominated the local bass circuits before Robert Taylor II, my father had me in 1992. Once I was born my father exchanged his rod and reel for a paint brush and went back to work in order to support his wife and two children. Even winning the vast majority of events entered in the early 90s bass fishing still hadn’t entered the golden age of monetary reimbursement.

Growing up my father had softly hinted that I go fishing but I had other plans. I hadn’t actively fished until my junior year in high-school, that year however turned me from an “indoor kid” into a fishing fanatic. I can’t express how much I appreciate my father not pushing me to do one thing over another, allowing me to make my own decisions and my own way, luckily for him though it all came back around.

During my non-fishing life we ventured in sports like paintball, gaming, and other highly competitive activities which lead to the thirst for a competitive sport that is taken more seriously in the world. We have now spent countless hours in the boat together chasing Michigan’s freshwater species and I look forward to each and every trip, no matter how splendid or terrible.

10298909_743504435696467_1473793230102242027_nIt was one of our earlier trips when my father mentioned he wanted to start a project, from there a small blog became Bad Poncho Outdoors. Working side by side with my father has been an absolute blessing.  With the eventual goal of allowing my father, the man who has given so much for me and our family, the ability to put down the brush and pick up a pen we are growing ever closer to that objective. It is because of fans like you that we are able to do this.

It’s not often we get to say thank you to our loved ones in such a public format with the opportunity for thousands of people to read that letter. Again, a big thanks to all of you and most of all thank you Robert Taylor II for being such a wonderful father, and grandfather to my son.

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  1. Charles George jr

    You have an interesting sight; keep up the good work and hope your father get’s to use the pen as much as he wants: Good on ya!!

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