No More Tangled Rigs with RIGRAP

It started just over a year ago with the introduction of an innovative fishing rig storage device that promised “no more tangled rigs” and is quickly growing in both popularity and offerings. What is it? It’s undoubtedly one of most useful fishing rig storage solution to come along in a long time called RIGRAP.

RigRapMaking good on their promise of no more tangled rigs, for 2013, this innovative company is about to explode on the scene with a host of great new features, sizes, and accessories. Whether you’re an avid fly fisherman or a seasoned offshore marlin hunter, RIGRAP has a solution to those always annoying tangled rigs. From its popular and conveniently small Yellow 8512 to its offshore extra large Blue401096XD, RIGRAP has you covered for whatever kind of rig you need to store.

The folks at RIGRAP really put some thought into their unique product line. Every RIGRAP has an array of features that even the novice Angler will appreciate. At the heart of their inventive rig storage solution is RIGRAPS patented slotted spool. Next, on every RIGRAP are several pass-through slots designed to pass the end of leader through the cover lid making rig hook-up fast and easy. Additionally there are rinsing and drain ports on every RIGRAP along with strap slots for attaching a RIGRAP to a rod, a belt, or any onboard attachment point using a strap or tie. Finally, a corner hook allows you to string up several RIGRAPs for easy accessibility.

If you’ve been looking for a way to stay rigged and ready, and have tried seemingly everything hoping to stay tangle free, then having an assortment of RIGRAPs is a must have for your tackle box.

Along with RIGRAP being extremely practical and easy to use, RIGRAP is affordable. RIGRAPs range in price from only $3.95 up to $19.95 for their soon to be introduced “Combo Pack”.

You can find RIGRAP at an ever-growing list of retailers throughout North America. For more information, look RIGRAP up online at

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