No Longer Just a Bug Bite with Kathryn Maroun

Do you remember the days of getting a bug bite, smacking the sucker and forgetting about it? It wasn’t long ago when we realized each bug can carry a plethora of diseases from lyme to yellow fever.

Thanks to The Angler’s Hub we were contacted by Kathryn Maroun, a legend in the fly fishing world. For those of Kathryn Marounyou who do not know who Kathryn is, she was one of three female fly fishing instructors in Canada, from there she moved on to her own television show called “What a Catch!” This show went worldwide which allowed her to chase trophy fish all over the world. While on a trip Kathryn was bitten by a tick, this tick carried lyme disease, a life threatening disease. For five years Kathryn was diagnosed with shingles, a horrible sickness that we have came face to face with a few times throughout our lives in our family and friends. I couldn’t imagine a five year fight with a sickness like shingles but Kathryn Maroun lived with that and has used that to promote bug born illnesses and hookless fishing.

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