New Rat-L-Trap Colors at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Wes Higgins, President of Bill Lewis Lures, announced today that Rat-L-Trap™ was manufacturing ten special Super Nova colors that will only be available at select Dick’s Sporting Goods locations throughout the country.

New Rat-L-Trap colors“These new colors are a great product line extension” said Wes Higgins. “The new Super-Nova Series™ from Bill Lewis Lures packs an explosion of light and color into each lure. We’ve added the most luminous inserts available to produce fish attracting light-waves that when combined with the Liv-N-Sound® qualities of the legendary Rat-L-Trap make for an overwhelming predatory response. Since the Super-Novas generate their flash internally, these lures are extremely durable. This allows the lure to maintain its highly reflective quality even when facing countless vicious strike.”

“Anglers can now purchase the following colors at selected Dick’s Sporting Goods Stores”. Please check with your local store for product availability. All varieties are conveniently available on Dick’s Sporting Good’s website.

Black Bone / Chartreuse
Bleeding Nova Transparent
Chartreuse / Red Tiger
Gold / Black OB Transparent
White Bone / Blue Back
Z-Flash / Transparent
Glass clown
Sexy Bones
White Glass
Tiger Purple

Rat-L-Trap Super-Nova Series link at

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