New Bows for 2015 from Mathews’ Mission Lineup

Through non-stop innovation, Mathews® continues to advance its value-driven Mission® bow line that simply put, outperform their price. Mission®’s award-winning value has been hailed by industry professionals and an ever-expanding legion of happy customers.

NEW for 2015, Mission® unveils four new bow offerings that further enhance performance; providing high-quality options in various price ranges, including adjustable bows for entry level archers that are still growing. Proudly Made in America, all Mission® bows offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Menace® ll
2206488The Menace® ll is an ideal bow for beginning archers that are still growing into the sport. With ultimate adjustability, the Menace® II sports a draw length range of 17-30 inches and 15-52 pounds of draw weight adjustment, all without the need of a bow press. Featuring a perimeter-weighted dual cam system, the Menace® ll is smooth and balanced. With a physical weight of just 2.8 pounds, the Menace® II is perfect for shooters that may be smaller in stature. The Menace® II is American-made, comes with a Lifetime Warranty and has an MSRP starting at just $299.

Craze® ll
2206474Powered by the F.I.T. (Focused Inertia Technology) Cam System, the Craze® II offers best in class performance to archers of all ages, sizes and abilities. This hyper adjustable bow reaches draw lengths of 19-30 inches and 13-70 pounds of draw weight adjustment without the need of a bow press. The new ergonomic grip and enhanced riser design adds strength and stability while reducing overall mass weight. Offering ten different color finishes, the Craze® II is sure to appeal to all shooter styles and preferences. Proudly Made in America and featuring a Lifetime Warranty, the Craze® II is an exceptional value starting at $319.

Hype™ and Hype™ DT
2206478New for 2015, the Hype™ and Hype™ DT are two bow models that offer the power and accuracy traditionally found in higher priced bows. Featuring the F.I.T. (Focused Inertia Technology) Cam System, the Hype™ DT and Hype™ flexibly reach draw lengths of 19-30 inches and have over 55 pounds of draw weight adjustment without the need of a bow press. The ergonomic riser and grip design creates an accurate and stable shooting platform off the balanced 31″ axle-to-axle length. Proudly made in America and featuring a Lifetime Warranty, the Hype™ DT (Damping Technology) comes standard with a Dead End String Stop and Mathews® Harmonic Stabilizer®. These attributes create a feel well beyond its $399 price tag.
Visit MissionArchery.Com to view custom color options and find your nearest Authorized Mission Retailer.

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