New Berkley 2014: Berkley Powerbait Fight’n Bug and Berkley Havoc Boss Hog

Hey guys and gals! It is our pleasure to announce these two NEW Berkley plastics! The first is a new PowerBait that goes by the name of Fight’n Bug. This guy features a solid profile of 3.5″, comes 8 to a pack and as you can see looks fantastic!


Next up we have the Berkley Havoc Boss Dog. The Berkley Havoc Boss Dog is a Gary Klein designed bait that has quivering appendages in mind as well as sporting a bigger hook 4-5/0. The Boss Dog does come in at a large 6″ and come 10 to pack so the value is there! Plus, we all know the Havoc line-up is the way to go for a great deal!

Berkley Havoc Boss Dog

Once we receive our finished versions of these baits we will take some high-resolution pictures for you!

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