Nate Wellman’s Elite Oops

Usually we don’t like to take the time of our readers to give our personal thoughts on such things but we feel that this is something that needs to be discussed. With what happened on Erie only a few days ago we feel that it is important that we support a fellow angler, especially since this situation is word-against-word. We would hate to think that the allegations are true which is why this is what we have to say:

The pressures of an elite angler are more than most of us can ever imagine. This is amplified when being on the verge of qualifying for your first Bassmaster classic. Most of us don’t have to worry about every action taken or even every comment made can have an effect on not only your career but on the lives of others as well. This is just what happened when Nate Wellman made a comment that was inappropriate but understandable at the B.A.S.S. Erie Open event. Most of us have said the exact same thing when a co-angler has hooked into a nice fish but the Elite anglers are held to such a high standard that even joking about buying a fish has consequences.

We are sure with Nate’s reputation that he does deserve the benefit of the doubt and he was just out to joke around with the co-angler. We also expect this to blow over before he fishes his first Bassmaster Classic. The whole thing was handled as gracefully as possible by all involved showing that all involved are the highest quality of people. This incident should make everyone realize the caliber of people we have in the sport. They are all exceptional including Nate; even local clubs should strive to reach this level of excellence in ethics.

At Bad Poncho Outdoors we believe and accept Nate’s apology and hope y’all can do the same. Good luck to Nate in the classic and congrats on his well-deserved win on Erie. Remember one man’s joke may make another uncomfortable, watch what you say.

For those of you that wish to look into the official press release from Bassmaster you my do so by following this link:

Best Wishes,

Bad Poncho Outdoors

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