Murphy’s Law is Applied

Over the past few weeks Murphy’s Law has applied to our hardware, be it vehicle trouble or computer trouble things have been breaking down left and right. With that being said I do have a new computer lined up that will allow me to not only get back to writing on a reliable basis but will also allow me to do more video editing at a faster rate which means better quality videos!

On that front we also have video queued up that just needs to be edited for the Project Poncho build, so far we have prepped it for repaint and getting ready to go over deck extension as we will be adding near 20” to the front deck. Once that is taken care of we will then be moving to carpet prep and putting the carpet in, we will be using carpet and seats from From there it is a matter of detail work with things like updating pumps, mounting the Humminbird and Minn-Kota electronics, and topping it all off with Blue Water LED lighting to make the boat glow.

The Project Gemini build has been on our minds and we have been chomping at the bit but due to our SD Cards being full progress has halted. We are also lining up video walkthroughs for theHunter missions which has been asked for by a few of you.

Also, look for us in the upcoming issue of Bass Angler Magazine, the winter issue will contain a Bad Poncho Outdoors Boat Storage article and will also feature an article in which we spoke with Aaron Martens, Art Ferguson, Jared Lintner, and Todd Faircloth. Be sure to like Bass Angler Magazine to follow updates on when the winter issue will be available and to check out other cool stuff put out by Bass Angler Magazine!

We should hopefully be back up and running and 100% next week, we have a few reviews that will be going up as soon as I get back up and running!

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