Mounting a Fish Finder to Your Rig

Today we will be mounting a Humminbird 561 onto our Fish-N-Ski. We will be using the trolling motor adapter kit which can be purchased for $20 at most any marine parts stores.


Fish finder of choice (Humminbird 561) – $150

Trolling motor adapter kit – $20

Flathead screwdriver

Needle nose pliers


  1. Assemble trolling motor adapter kit
  2. Place transducer on underside of trolling motor
  3. Zip tie wires up shaft of trolling motor
  4. Run power cord to positive power source of choice
  5. Use mount as template to drill mounting holes
  6. Remove slot for cords in mount
  7. Connect cords to mounting hardware
  8. Slide unit on to mount
  9. Test for power

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