Mosquitno Bandz and Stickerz Ward Off Mosquitoes

Forget coating your self in messy, toxic bug sprays, Mosquitno creates long-lasting personal repellent zone with safe, fun, and easy bug repellent products

Ugly red bumps and constant itching are accepted as a part of enjoying summer activities outdoors, but avoiding bites from mosquitos, flies and no-see-um bugs will be 2094133much easier and healthier this summer. Mosquitno has created a simple, fun, and all-natural way for children and adults to stay bug-bite free without the use of sprays that can contain chemicals and leave residues on your skin and clothes. Now, before you head outdoors, just slip on a Mosquitno Bandz wristband, or strategically place a few Spotz stickers on your clothes near exposed areas of skin.

Mosquitno Bandz are all-natural, non-toxic wristbands made of silicone rubber and infused with 100% citronella oil. Each Mosquitno Band contains enough citronella to effectively repel bugs for up to 150 hours (or six days). Available in eight solid colors, camouflage, tie-dye and glow-in-the-dark in sizes for adults and children, each Mosquitno Band is comes in a resealable pouch to preserve effectiveness between uses.

The pleasant-smelling citronella oil infused into Mosquitno Bandz and Spotz works by masking human scents – carbon dioxide and sweat – that attract bugs. The Bandz and Spotz are more effective than citronella candles because they are worn on your body and the citronella scent isn’t blown away by wind.

Mosquitno also comes in Spotz stickers. The durable peel-and-stick Spotz are also infused with 100% citronella. Spotz are great for extra protection along your neckline and ankles. Stick them to your shirt, pants, socks, shoes or hat. Powerful enough to repel bugs for up to 72 hours, Mosquitno Spotz are available in 5 themes including: earth tones, primary colors, kids, sports and specialty.

Mosquitno Bandz for kids and adults have an MSRP of $3.99 and a sheet of six Mosquitno Spotz have an MSRP of $3.99 as well. All Mosquitno products are non-toxic, chemical-free and DEET-free. Used Mosquitno Bandz can be mailed back to the company for recycling in return for two new, free Mosquitno Bandz (for every 10 returned). Mosquitno Bandz and Spotz are available at retailers nationwide or online at

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