Michigan Farmer Fined $700,000 For Owning Wrong Breed of Pig

As I’m sitting here enjoying my morning I came across an article from a Michigan senator about a lawsuit against the MDNR. I will say this peaked my interest, it’s not too often you see the public challenging groups of the Department of Justice in such a way, let alone the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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Senator Darwin Booher is one of the major backers of plaintiff Mark Baker, the guy who is challenging the MDNR. Mark Baker has been a pig farmer since 2007 and has been selling his pigs to high-end restaurants, providing the vast majority of his yearly income. In 2010 the state of Michigan issued an invasive species order that bans select breeds of pigs because of a “problem” we have with feral pigs even though we haven’t actually spotted many.

The problem is that the BREED of a pig has nothing to do with it being feral because feral means that an animal is wild. Baker’s pigs have been raised inside of a fence since birth and he has also NEVER had one escape captivity. Even with those two factors the state DNR believes that a breed makes a pig feral, which boggles the mind.

This lawsuit was spurred because Baker was fined $10,000 per pig, coming out to a whopping $700,000 in fines for having the wrong breed of pig on his fenced in property. As Darwin Booher put it; if Baker was “just” poaching deer then he’d only be subject to a $1,000 fine. If Baker had released pigs on purpose that would be one thing, but being as no pigs have even accidentally escaped this whole thing is just insanity.

It’s not too often we get political but things like this drive me absolutely insane. Look for us to become more political in the future, working to expose our rights for what they truly are. Outdoorsmen, it’s time to unite and work for a better sporting tomorrow!

Contact Governor Snyder at (517) 373-3400.

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