Michigan BFL Super Tournament Detroit River 2013 Brings Jon Witt Co-Angler of the Year Title

The Michigan BFL series finished up this week with their Super Tournament again on the Detroit River. Bad Poncho Outdoors had been supporting two anglers from our home town for this MI BFL circuit and both have done very well with both having a legitimate chance to make the regionals on the co-angler side. After a less than stellar finish in the Bassmaster Open out of Sandusky they both were ready to prove their seasons were nowhere near finished by giving a good showing at the final MI BFL event.

Jon Witt was in the #2 spot and Tony Mitchell started this tourney #14. Though pleased with their showing so far they both had dreams of moving up the leader board to finish better than they had ever done before. The main lake proved to be stingy for both our anglers so both moved to the rivers as the day progressed. Jon stated once they got into the river he was culling Jon Wittup an ounce at a time to try to hold onto his #2 spot but had it in his mind that it was still possible to win that AOY that he so desperately wanted. Tony Mitchell knew AOY for him was not a real possibility but the top ten was and he was going to give his best effort to get there.

At the end of day one Jon didn’t make the cut and finished in the 20th position giving him a real shot at AOY but he had to wait until the final day was over to see how the points added up. Tony did very well and was on the bubble until the last angler weighed in and knocked him out of his chance to fish the last day by one ounce finishing in a respectable 13th place.

Once the numbers were tallied Tony ended up in the 10th spot for the year and Jon earned the coveted angler of the year trophy. Both of these anglers represent Bad Poncho Outdoors and Bass Angler Magazine and we couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments this season. They also were sponsored by Midwest custom embroidery, Stafford Smith and RJ’s expediting all of which they represented well.

We will be watching very closely as these two great Michigan anglers try their luck at the regionals on the Chesapeake Bay.

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