Matzuo America Seeks Pro Staffers

Matzuo America is in the early stages of formulating a structured pro staff for the 2015 calendar year. We are looking for a small select number of bass anglers / guides to join forces with Matzuo America. Each candidate must have marketing and promotional skills, as well as strong social media interaction with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We are also looking for candidates with active angling websites, blogs and YouTube channels.If you are interested in becoming a part of the Matzuo Pro Staff and meet the above criteria, please send a brief email with the following information:
• Name, address, contact info
• Region that you fish
• Are you a licensed guide or tournament angler
• List all your social media sites and websites that you would use to promote Matzuo America
• Matzuo America products that you prefer and why

All email inquiries can be sent to

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