MarCum 5.6 Showdown Review

It would be hard to argue the fact that a flasher will increase your fishing success on the ice more than any other single tool. Knowing that there are fish near your area will most certainly put more fish on the ice. If you are not currently using sonar of some sort you are most definitely wasting valuable fishing time dancing your jig for a smaller audience than you might if you were using electronics.

Robert Taylor III MarcumThe MarCum showdown series offers a whole new look in flasher technology with its vertical LCD display that is more intuitive than anything before it. The first thing you notice is that the screen is in the shape of a column just like the water you are fishing, top is the surface and the bottom of the screen is the bottom of the lake. I think we can all agree that that simply makes more sense than a circle display. Tracking your jig dropping down or the fish coming up has never been so easy.

The LCD screen also affords a much more crisp display not possible with the flashing lights that tend to bleed together on a traditional flasher. The well-defined target separation of ½ inch will convince you on the first trip out that this is the way to go. The LCD means no moving parts so the battery lasts longer. The high contrast and the option of backlight with a push of a button allows easy viewing in any condition. LCD screens have been known to slow down when cold and this has been addressed with the Showdown feature of “ice mode” that keeps the display warm and functioning at peak efficiency even below zero.

Marcum Showdown 5.6To prove how intuitive and easy to use the Showdown is I was put on a lake I didn’t know with this flasher I have never used without any instruction whatsoever. In 10 seconds I had the unit opened and deployed in a way that I could move it from hole to hole with one hand. With the push of one well-placed and labeled button 10 seconds after that I was watching the screen following my tiny jig down to the bottom of the lake. There was never any doubt that the thin black line was my jig on the high definition screen. The thin line right off the bottom rose up to meet the falling line that was my jig. As soon as they met to form a thicker black line the spring bobber bounced producing a tiny bluegill. There was no need for any “interpretation” or instructions.

No review of the MarCum Showdown 5.6 would be complete without mentioning how well the unit copes with interference. With 10 levels of interference reduction this is the unit you want if you find yourself fishing in a crowd.

MarCum Showdown a difference that makes a difference.


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