Making a Twister with the Big Easy by Cyclone Baits

A spinnerbait is one of the lures that I always have tied on to a dedicated rod and reel combo because they are so versatile and effective. Cyclone has made their spinnerbait more of both with their The Big Easy line. The small wire on the lure lets it put out a vibration that is noticeable even while falling on a semi slack line. There are a few different ways I like to use this spinner; one is to drop it in deep water, the fall rate is really good and it is easy to feel during the whole presentation. The cone shaped head helps keep the bait from twirling during the drop and even during casting.

The bullet like casting of the bait also lends itself well to casting into shallow cover where accuracy is of the utmost importance. When casting to shallow pockets getting the blade spinning quickly is a must. The American made swivel spins easily so that the gold plated blades start producing flash as soon as it hits the water.

The Big Easy is a well-balanced spinnerbait system that will not only get you bites but will bite back with the awesome 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Mega Bite Spinnerbait hook. This incredibly effective hook is what really makes this spinnerbait stand out from the crowd. The smaller wire on this hook makes perfect sense when used on a spinnerbait that uses a finer wire for the frame as the hook penetrates with less force so you don’t have to give a second thought to your hookset.

If you are looking for a spinnerbait that will give you maximum vibration without having to upsize your blades The Big Easy by Cyclone Baits is an excellent choice. With the Mega Bite hook and other premium hardware choosing this spinnerbait is an easy decision. Pick one up from and let us know what you think of it we really would like to know.

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