LiveTarget Field Mouse Review

A few years ago Live Target stormed the market with ultra-life like hard baits then in 2010 and 2011 they took the soft bait market. In 2011 the Live Target mouse hit the market and created waves, not because of the insanely real look or the eerie tail but because fish around the country were snacking on Live Target mice.

LiveTarget Field Mouse
Fishing the pads can be a messy job but the field mouse can handle it!

The field mouse is a hollow body top water lure that features a cigar shape to aid it in gliding while walking. I’ll be honest with you though, when I first began to walk the mouse I was a little taken back, the mouse does spend a fair time under water when walking quickly but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Something about the way it walks JUST under the surface at speed triggers fish, from under the water it looks like the field mouse is trying desperately to get back to the surface and that is what triggers a vicious bite.

I picked up the 2 ¾” mouse which comes in 3/4oz so you can lob it a long way, it is also available in a 2 ¼” and 3 ½”. The 3 ½” model is new this year, it is a 1 oz mouse so it should be the best walking mouse of the bunch even at a distance. Available in four colors, brown/white, grey/white, white/white, and black/white, they all feature a white bottom so I find this to just be a personal preference type of thing but I feel the brown and white gives a “flash” when walking.

I fished mine with a 7’ MH and a 6.4:1 reel with 30lb braid, during the test I was wishing I had a 7:1 for the simple fact of there are so many places I wanted to get the fish out of there as quickly as possible.

Overall I would say as far as mouse lures go the Live Target is the king, it is hard to compete with a company that can take nature and make it work for you.

Get your LiveTarget Field Mouse today!

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