LiveTarget Blueback Herring Swimbait Review: Welcome to the Cult

Quality and cheap usually aren’t two things that go together but when it comes to LiveTarget’s Blueback Herring swimbait its one of those golden lures that strikes a very happy medium. For about $16 you can pick up a truly high quality swimbait and get cracking on the shell of this growing field.

This blueback is a truly beautiful piece of equipment no matter what way you slice it.
This blueback is a truly beautiful piece of equipment no matter what way you slice it.

We had the pleasure of casting this guy on one of the most beautiful clear waters, Gull Lake here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Home of 15-20ft visibility waters you’d think we’d be one of the swimbait capitols but the truth is we just don’t see many around here.

Michigan anglers are known to be junk/power fishermen and usually swimbaits don’t fall into that category since swimbaits are usually a slower more finesse technique but I thoroughly enjoyed throwing this bait.

Whether I was slowly cranking it or letting it glide the shine could be seen from what seemed like a mile away, not to mention when somebody in our neck of the woods sees you throwing a swimbait you get a look like you called out their mother. While I wasn’t able to hook into any keeper largemouth we did get into a few solid northern pike and being a northern guy if I catch one I’ll chase them all day long.

The lack of a “feel” of this bait was something I didn’t expect, it is ultra-smooth and produces a very-light rhythmic “thump-thump-thump” Northern Pikekind of sensation when paired with a quality rod and braid. We naturally used a fluorocarbon leader to help assist in the finesse and the hits were simply viscous. A swimbait hit is unique since you go from virtually no feel to a 10-15 pound northern pike trying to literally kill it.

Usually I’d make a comment on something being speed sensitive or tangling up but I honestly can’t make one, the faster you reel the quicker and narrower it slithers back to the boat.

The Blueback Herring comes in just three colors and three sizes in fast sink and slow sink. As I mentioned earlier at around $16 it’s a hard one to beat. Just in case you’d like to play with these we are offering them at 12.99 for the next week!

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