Lightload Towels: Water Proof and Absorbent

This is a product that was made with the hiker in mind and we can see how it would come in handy in any hiker’s pack. That is not the only pack it would be handy in though. We have lots of ideas for these towels in the funny package, even some we would rather not mention in public. If you are any distance from your home these will, at one time or another make your life a little easier.

Whether beach towels or an everyday towel, Lightload has you covered! In the car they will most likely get their first use wiping the windshield but after that they can still be used to clean your greasy hands to save your clothes and interior. No space is wasted storing a nasty rag in your car with the super clean packaging, it really is a neat idea.

The turkey vest is going to need a few of these towels also for calls, guns and optics. Sometimes a dry towel can save the day. On deer hunts I am always using my gloves or a shirttail to wipe my scope or binos with pour results. This towel is perfect for optics as it is soft and absorbent. When field dressing the Lightload towel used to clean a slippery knife might keep you from having to dress a wound of your own. Did I mention it is as small as a coin in your pocket?

Fishing is where I spend most of my time outdoors and the uses for the Lightload towel on the boat are many. They are big and strong enough to wipe the top of your boat with no problem. Do you think it’s a good idea to wipe the screen on your prized fish finder with a wet and dirty boat towel? I didn’t think so. Not only will it save a lot of wear on the screen but it will do a much better job. If you are wondering how to keep a dry towel in the boat this is it. In the package we left one in water overnight and the next day opened it dry! If you’re now thinking of a bunch more uses, the Lightload towel should find its way into your box or pack. They can also be custom made with your logo for a cool promotional piece.

Lightload Towel
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