Lake Report: Upper Crooked Lake- Delton, Michigan

Upper Crooked Lake



Shes small, but she'll do!

We decided on an evening outing because we were practicing for a tournament that was scheduled for an after work series. This lake is almost legendary for the big fish it produces I have personally weighed in bags over 20 pounds here. Though this wasn’t going to be one of those days we did manage a couple of big fish on different techniques.

Starting with the classic fish the edge of the lilypads technique it was only a cast or two before we got some savage strikes on the Assassinator spinnerbaits. The fish seemed to be running small so we moved out to the middle of the bay and immediately caught two pike. One of these fell to a Sebile swimbait and one to a rattle bait. After a few more small fish we decided to try the pad edges a little more thorough before heading to try the main lake. This worked pretty good the fish were getting bigger and Bob caught one of the biggest of his life on one of the Berkley Havoc baits.

Now was the time to fish the main lake we started shallow and worked towards the deeper water it was hard to make a pattern because we caught fish at every depth and on every lure tried. Crank-baits worked well from the mid range right out to the deep water. We had probably caught over 50 fish when we realized Shayla was so busy taking pictures and netting fish she hadn’t had a chance to get any fish. As soon as she started to throw her favorite spinnerbait she was getting bit on every cast.

Upper Crooked showed it can still produce big fish and big numbers. This is a fun lake to fish with something for almost every style of fishing you might like to try.



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