Lake Report: Upper Crooked – Delton, MI

On the first of October we headed out to Upper Crooked and ended up walking away with a 7, 5, 4, 3, and several 2 pound largemouths over the span of 8 hours. I have personally never experienced a day like this before but it was something to behold, my father manned the front deck with a Chug’N Spook in hand, my fish came on a Super Spook. The majority of our fish came out of 20FOW on top water presentations. The water was 60*F.


We headed back out yesterday for just two hours and ran into yet another monster, not the 7lb largemouth we hit on the first but on the second cast my father hooked up on a solid 4.5lb largie and a couple small 2 pounders as well. The water temp was around 55*F and the majority of our fish came out of 4FOW or less, with lake levels being down nearly 3 feet you need to be CAREFUL when coming near the points and humps which is where we focused our efforts.

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