Lake Report: Lake of the Woods – Decatur, Michigan

Lake of the Woods

With my father not practicing the lake before fishing tournaments on them due to time restraints we finally got the chance to get out on a lake to pre-fish it, and man did it turn out!

Yeah, people say we are crazy but hey, even with blazing hot temps and clear water the popper will still work!

We arrived on the lake at around 6am, there was a small group of tournament anglers that were putting in when we got there, they only fished till about 11-noon. The time out on the lake was tough to begin with, we started out slamming a couple on poppers but the bite died down quickly once the tournament guys flooded into the bay we were fishing, so we got out of their way and heading toward the pleasure crafters.

While the pleasure-crafters can make things difficult, and they did, they also can produce some interesting conditions for catching fish. For example: While out there we had one boat that kept getting as close as it could toward anglers because the boat swamped pretty much any other boat on the lake, but we used that to our advantage, the 2ft waves this boat put off I would use my Jackall popper to pop ontop of those waves.

Today’s ticket was indeed the popper, what seemed to be the most lethal though was quick pops followed by a long pause, sometimes 30 seconds worth. We did try cranking, drop shotting, jerkbaiting, and spinning, but with the water being as choppy as it was I felt most comfortable with topwater. Today’s conditions also are not what many anglers would consider topwaterable but with the right gear and skill set you can make any conditions to be topwater conditions.

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