Lake Report: Gun Lake – Shelbyville, MI

We headed out to Gun Lake at around 6am, arriving around 6:40. The air was cold and the water wasn’t much warmer, with 50 degree air temp and 60 degree water temp the walleye bite should be on, and it was.

We headed straight for the western side of Robin’s Bay and quickly got into a school of walleye DEMOLISHING the top of the water column, which is exactly what you want to see when trying to locate fish as you can imagine. With the walleye rolling we tried to throw everything at them, tubes, flukes, buzzbaits, spooks, though in the end we grabbed them using Advantage Spinnerbaits and a Jackall TN70. I will be honest, this was the first time I have ever landed a walleye though I have seen my father grab a great 31″ walleye a few months back out of the same lake, just down by Chicago Point.

We hit those fish right away and it seemed as though we used our fishing karma quickly as the day seemed to drag on. We ended up grabbing two keeper largemouth, one in Bairds the other Chicago. Again my squeaker keeper came on an Advantage spinnerbait in natural colors. My father grabbed his squeaker on a drop shop with a Gulp Crawler. We even managed to land a couple keeper pike by the end of the day, again on the spinnerbait and TN70!

Overall the day was cold and windy but the action was there! We ended up jumping off the water around noon giving us a short day but with three different species being boated it was a successful day!

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