Lake Report: Gun Lake – Shelbyville, MI

Gun Lake



Water temp: 62-67*F

Today was one of those days were you just have no luck then you go “DUH”! Thanks to the new fish finder we were able to graph fish in 10-15ft of water just off of the ledges suspending at around 50% depth, meaning 11ft they were at 5.4-5.7ft. We started the day throwing a Jackall Squad Minnow suspending jerkbait and a RAM Custom Baits Little Horn crankbait, the RAM dives to 6ft and the Jackall was able to hit the 6ft mark with the right “jerking” technique. Within five minutes we were able to catch a hefty rock bass and a keeper largemouth, the largemouth hit the jerkbait while my father set his rod down to grab the net (rocky had some fight!) this gave us the wrong impression.

For the next hour he did the “jerk, long pause, jerk” technique which brought us nothing, same goes with the crankbait. We decided to move and check flats and other areas for the next 6 hours, same story, marking fish in 10-15ft 50% up the water column. While on the flats we noticed that in Robin’s the water hit 67 degrees then took a very sharp drop to 61 degrees in the channels, near the mouth of the channels the crappie and bluegill were stacking up inside emergent vegetation. We ended up landing a rock bass dropshotting a Jackall Clone Fry and we also landed a small crappie flipping a weightless Jackall Super Crosstail Shad. After we did this for 6 hours with no bass being caught we decided to head back out to the edges of the flat with a jerkbait to try just one more time. Every other cast resulted in a pike or bass, talk about a DUH moment. Though the fish caught weren’t monsters they were definitely feeding because they were all chunky.

Equipment Used:

6.4:1 Abu Garcia Revo Premier – 7′ MH Denali Rosewood – 30lb Spiderwire Stealth Braid – Perch RAM Custom Baits Little Horn

6.4:1 BPS Nitro Z – 6′ 3″ M Fenwick Smallmouth Series – 14lb Berkley Trilene – Jackall Squad Minnow

Pflueger Patriarch 9535 – 6′ 6″ M Diawa Triforce X – 8lb Berkley Nanofil – Jackall Super Crosstail Shad

Pflueger Patriarch 9535 – 6′ 2″ SL Fenwick River Runner – 8lb Vicious Fluorocarbon – Jackall Clone Fry

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