Lake Report: Gun Lake – Orangeville, Michigan

Gun Lake




With high winds and strong storms on the way we headed for Gun Lake hoping something special might happen with the fish because of the weird weather. Even with the steady wind and a fair amount of boat traffic the water was very clear making the sand bars and weed beds visible from quite some distance again the lake looked great. We had pretty high hopes from a fun trip to the same lake just two days before. This day would turn out to not be as easy though. The boat traffic was on the heavy side in most of the areas that we wanted to fish being it was a holiday weekend and opening weekend for bass in Michigan. More than once we had to hand line someone

Dad with the first pike of the season!

else’s lure they were trolling around the trolling motor to keep from wrapping it up in the prop. We tried to handle these type situations with humor and as friendly as possible thinking they probably only get to fish a couple of times a year and I know I will have many more chances at the fish later. As soon as we found a place that we could cast without hooking another line it was only a few casts until we got a warmouth on the superlight Fenwick river runner rod using a mosquito hawk on a one-quarter ounce jig head. We also started to have a lot of fish following the baits as the storms got closer. Once it was obvious the storms were not going to miss us we switched to rattle baits and spinners so we could get as many casts as possible in before we had to leave. On the first cast with the Rayburn red XR50 we boated a pike and a few casts later one hit next to the boat but got away. Another pike was boated on a spinner-bait and it was time to start packing it up. While putting rods away I noticed a lot of pan-fish around so I threw in a white and clear Rebel crank-bait and caught a perch before headin back to the landing just in time to hit hard rain about ½ mile out. We didn’t want to stop fishing after just a couple of hours but I am glad we did the storms were severe. All in all still a good trip but need to get out again soon, now is the time to start fishing at night for us on clear busy lakes. Big fish beware we will be there.

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