Lake Report: Gun Lake – Orangeville, Michigan

After a disappointing showing at a Tuesday night tournament it was time to get revenge on the fish this is how that went.

Gun Lake



Over the years Gun Lake has been very good to me but there are times it can be very frustrating. At the tournament on tue we were able to catch fish on every spot and we did get several on some spots we didn’t find any that made the 14 inch minimum size limit. At Bad Poncho Outdoors we don’t give up though we made a plan to get a big sack of fish when we got to fish this weekend.

The plan was to get to the lake an hour or so before it got dark and fish until we caught enough for some good fun and photos. Son started right off trying to show me up by putting 3 pike in the boat in the first 15 minutes using

Trip after trip we tried to get on the smallies, the fish smiled upon us and gave us some dandies!

Ty’s inline spinners. On the Fenwick River Runner super-lite these fish were super fun but put me behind. He soon followed up with a couple of rock bass and lost a small bass. Ty’s spinners were tearing the fish up! After it was starting to get dark I was finally able to pick up a 12 incher on a spinner-bait but if we were to have a great night we would need to find a better group of fish so we moved to an area we had caught some good fish before.

With the wind still blowing at 12 miles an hour and the sky getting very dark staying on the right spot was tough but well worth the trouble. In an area where the wind was hitting a sand bar pretty hard from deep to shallow we found a bunch of 3 pound bass and the bonus was they were mixed smallmouth and largemouth. It didn’t take long once we found them to get 10 good keepers in the boat with a weight of about 28 pounds. It was Rob III first time fishing the night shift with me out at Gun I don’t think it will be his last we had a blast. We kept catching fish for long enough that we had to call mom to let her know she shouldn’t wait up. Shortly after our call home the clouds left and the moon came out very bright the fish seemed to stop biting. With a lull in the action we began to notice it was only 45 degrees and with the wind it was chilly. Well we made it home around 3am but didn’t get to sleep right away because we wanted to see if the pictures turned out. Fun trip the wind and cold almost cancelled our trip but I’m glad we went another father son memory we will have for a long time to come.

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