Lake Report: Gull Lake – Richland, MI

Gull Lake



Water Temp: 60-62*F

With the temperatures just about right for the smallmouth spawn we decided to head out for some clear water fishing. Arriving at noon the parking lot was packed, we arrived at our first spot on the South West end on the lake and quickly noticed a few other bass boats. Thanks to the 17′ visibility we quickly located fish.

My father rigged up a drop shot using a Jackall Clone Fry in Baby Bass and it didn’t take long to start throwing the rock bass into the boat. For a span for about 30 minutes it was literally every other cast that a rock bass would bite. This was due to the targeting of dark vegetation clumps. We didn’t see many largemouth at this spot but once we moved more south to a spot where 30ft was very near 8ft the largemouth were cruising and circling. Though we had intended on targeting smallmouth the largemouth were so heavily present where the smallmouth should have been it was almost crazy. While dragging a football head I did manage to get fooled by a sizeable rock bass, they were so incredibly aggressive they completely made the day.

The first largemouth came on the drop shot rig after the color was switched to Green Shad fishing similar cover as the rock bass except near deep water. The second largemouth came on the same rig but in 12ft of water while it was circling a clump and was quickly followed by a third. I boated the forth keeper on a drop shot setup using a wacky rigged Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper in 8ft of water, the fifth keeper of the day came on the Jackall Clone Fry yet again in 8ft of water. To top the day off we ended up mentally culling with the final largemouth coming on a double drop shot setup using the Green Shad Clone Fry and a master angler class Rock Bass quickly followed.


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