Lake Report: Gull Lake – Richland, MI

Gull Lake



Water Temp: 66*F

Our day on the lake started out with a little bit of humor and panic. While my father was prepping the boat to send off of the trailer a couple of drake mallards were nipping at the heels of a hen, the hen in return came under the boat trailer wings flailing right toward him, the instant reaction of seeing him jump was something I’m simply not accustomed to but it did make a highlight for the trip.

When we got out onto the water the weather man had said expect winds at 9mph, I think he was a little far off; it was more like 15-20 with gusts of 25. Since I had forgot to charge the boat the night before we decided to just drift over flats, this ended up being the way to go. My father began with throwing his drop shot rig with a Jackall Clone Fry in Supre Shad, this quickly resulted in rock bass biting. I followed with a Blue Ice Advantage Baits spinnerbait and had a few back-to-back rock bass, that isn’t what we wanted though. From there we decided to shoot over to the east side of the lake to drift over another flat in order to use the high winds to our advantage. The major key here was to use some kind of Sexy Shad lipless crankbaits at high rates of speed. A keeper largemouth came on this method within a couple of casts, as soon as I tied on a custom painted Red Eye I hooked up on a 24″ northern, another quickly bit my father’s Red Eye right after that.

After some motor problems we decided to move to the north western side of the lake to be more near the landing, it was here that we saw something I have never seen. As we set the boat down I looked down in the water to check the trim switch and noticed a massive black cloud of keeper sized largemouth in 3-5ft of water moving into the 8-10ft zone. Moving back into the drop shot technique my father hooked up on a hefty 2.31lb 15″ largemouth on his Fenwick River Runner super light rod, this was followed by a barely 14″ though hefty largemouth on a Cotton Cordell jerkbait. As we moved to a rocky point my father tossed his drop shot up onto a rocky pile and came back with a small beautiful gold and yellow smallmouth. The pike were also up there, catching one on the drop shot. Topping the day off was an around 2.75lb largemouth on a drop shot yet again. We did drop quite a few fish, one being a VERY nice smallmouth who tossed the drop shot and another being a decent largemouth that resulted in a hook in the hand.

When we arrived back at the landing the other anglers mentioned how difficult of a day it was for them since they were fishing deep. Looks like we got it off right!

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