Lake Report: Gull Lake- Kalamazoo, Michigan

Gull Lake



This northern was something interesting, not too often do you see a Boomerang Northern

Gull Lake is one of those lakes that just has to be experienced if you are in or around the Kalamazoo area. It is one of those lakes that offers a unique experience to any angler, no matter their experience. Normally here in the Kalamazoo area we fish waters with heavy stain, but Gull offers super-clear turquoise water.

We departed from home at around 5:45am to be there at 6:00am when the lake opened. As soon as the gates the lake was flooded by anglers wishing to fish these heavily inhabited waters. Unlike many lakes in the area Gull offers a wide variety of species, everything from your run-of-the-mill largemouth to rainbow trout, pretty much if it’s a northern species you can fish for it.

When it was our turn to put on the water we did so with haste, with the boat in the water we took off through the slowly rising fog. When we arrived at our spot we quickly tied on crankbaits, rattletraps, and spinnerbaits. The first couple fish of the day came on a Strike King crankbait that was ticking the top of the grass, one a small largemouth the other a rock bass. Soon after that dad hooked up on a “boomerang” pike, this fish seemed as though it had been hit by boat, on one of his next few casts another small largemouth rocked the Golden Shiner Assassinator spinnerbait.

After a quick move across the lake I started throwing my Current River Shad Assassinator spinnerbait and hooked up on a rock bass, not 3 minutes later my father hooked up on his rock bass. The day became a lull after that where I got a pike; dad hooked a couple more rock bass, one of which qualified for Master Angler. Eventually we came to a spot on the lake that was covered in rocks and sand; I took my Strike King spinnerbait and drug it across the bottom, with that strategy I hooked my first smallmouth, though it wasn’t big this lake offers up a very unique smallmouth. Not long after that I began to throw the Assassinator Crank, Spin, Buzz and got on a Rock Bass as my father was lifting his largemouth into the boat.

This half-blind bruiser was something special for me, my largest largemouth of my life and it come doing something I have never done successfully, sight fishing.

Again we hit a lull in the fishing with one coming on a popper and a couple missing the popper. Eventually we drifting down a line of docks when I saw what looked like a fish under a dock, we moved closer to see what it was since it hadn’t moved. This was in-fact a bass. We brought the boat around and dad casted his popper 2ft away from the dock, the largie moved out, nudged it and slowly swam back under the dock. As dad was trying everything in our boxes I went into panic mode and put on a ThereHeIs! worm. It took me 5 pitches the get the worm where the fish would move, eventually I got it a foot away from the dock and he swam ever-so slowly, nudged it, then swallowed it. I set the hook and the fight was on!

After 25 minutes of casting at this largemouth he eventually got on the line and fought like crazy, doubling over my Medium rod and peeling my 8lb Nanofil from the Pflueger Patriarch. Once it got close to the boat dad missed with the net on the first attempt but quickly recovered to net the fish. Once the fish was boated we realized why he didn’t pay attention to us, he was blind on one side. After snapping some pictures and calling home to my mother we let him go to grow some more.

Before we got off the lake we decided to check out a couple of points, one of which was holding a MASSIVE school of spotted gar. We will be back to Gull Lake, next time, with flies.

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  1. Have you guys seen the bass in Eagle Lake in Oshtemo start to get a little bigger? I used to catch perch biger than the bass I caught. I could always go out there and catch at least 30 to 50 fish a day with maybe 4 keepers, but last year I caught close to 10 bass in the 3 pound weight class. I have heard people have been releasing bigger fish in there, you heard the same? I know it is illegal to transfer fish from one lake to another, but if they keep getting bigger is that so bad? Also if you haven’t ever fished Huzzy lake, you’re missing out. It may be small, but there are good fish in there. Big fan of the site and glad to see you guys fish lakes that everyday local anglers would fish. Good luck this fishing season!!

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