Lake Report: Gull Lake- Kalamazoo, MI

Gull Lake



Water temps 49-68 degrees

The water on Gull Lake this time of year can vary greatly in temperature. On this day the south wind and sunny skies brought very warm water to the north end of the lake while the south end was almost 20 degrees colder. The other place the warm water was gathering was the shallow weedy bay on the west side of the lake.

Golden Smallmouth
This beautiful smallmouth was roaming a rocky flat just off of docks, with a quick set of twitches on a fluke she bit HARD.

The ultra-clear water conditions made it possible to look under docks to actually see the schools of fish. Any dock with near 60 degree water was loaded with fish. In full sun the fish were stacked in the middle of the shadiest parts of the docks but high in the water column. To catch these fish we had to skip tubes and flukes under them, the fish were aggressive and every good cast resulted in a strike. With the sun partly behind the clouds the fish moved right to the edges of the docks and bite anything retrieved along the outside of the dock. As the clouds got heavier the fish tended to eat fast moving baits in the shallow areas between the docks.

All of the fish that came from under docks were Largemouth we caught some smallies that were cruising out in front of docks in small schools with crankbaits and flukes moved very fast. Even on the colder parts of the lake we were able to catch a few nice bass under docks but not in the same concentrations as in warmer water.

All in all Gull lake is on fire right now with catches of 10 plus fish per hour with some decent bass in the mix. The key baits for us were The Jerk by Havoc, Snack Daddy Lures Elite tubes and Live Target crankbaits. As the weeds start to come up the fish will likely spread out some but with 20 feet of visibility you can usually find some by just looking over the side of the boat. There is no need to be intimidated by the clear water Gull fish are usually cooperative. We will be out on Gull many more times this year so we’ll see ya out there.


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