Lake Report: Eagle Lake – Texas Corners, Michigan

Eagle Lake

With the last few days of fishing being less than satisfying we headed out to try and redeem ourselves.

For being a big one it sure seemed like he wasn't sweating this fish, looks like a good one to me!

The day started out with 5 fish within the first 5 minutes of being on our spot, all on Assassinator spinnerbaits. Dad was throwing a Chartreuse and White double willow while I was tossing my favorite; a black and red with a single Colorado blade. The hits were fast and furious, even the smaller fish seemed to try to rip the rod out of our hands. After getting 6 small largemouth in the boat on just about every other cast I tightened my drag, big mistake! On that next cast I threw out there only to hook up on a 30+” northern, when I set the hook my line snapped clean. That northern taunted me further by coming back up to the surface and jingling my favorite spinnerbait around.

As the day progressed we caught fish on just about every type of lure we threw at them. It seemed as the bass were alternating what they wanted, some periods of spinnerbaits, crankbaits, rattletraps, and the occasional topwater bite. This behavior kept us on our toes and even had me tossing a 4ft Strike King crankbait down a couple feet into the grass while my father was dancing his Jackall MC60SR on top of the grass to entice the moving fish. The big fish of the day came on our rattletraps, dad’s trap of choice was a Royal Shad Cotton Cordell Super Spot and my trap of choice was a Rippn-Lips Tackle custom Rainbow Trout Red Eye Shad with a marabou tail.

She may be small but it is always nice to get one on a new lure!

I also had the chance to test out a very interesting lure today; the Assassinator Crank, Spin, Buzz. This lure is something that I am sure will get a lot of use, having the ability to quickly change from a swim jig, to a spinnerbait, to a buzzbait is something that is truly incredible, especially since it is all in the same bait, look for our review soon. The ticket for that seemed to be using it as the swim jig with a ThereHeIs! worm cut down to for a trailer.

Overall the secret to the day was getting the lure in the water, they bit whatever you threw at them. With more than 70 fish boated we deffinetly felt redeemed, even though most were dinks!

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